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Meet Dean Pham, our new Legal Intern

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The law firm of Tran Arrowsmith PLLC is excited to announce the first legal intern selected via the Lambda Phi Epsilon Legal Internship Program: Dean Pham, a second-year law student at Western State College of Law.

More about Dean

Hello! My name is Dean, an­d I am currently a 2L at Western State College of Law. I am a first-generation college graduate that holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and business administration. I am currently interested in practicing entertainment law and intellectual property law, but overall, I am truly passionate about helping and advocating for those in need. As a legal intern at Tran Arrowsmith PLLC, I am confident that I will gain valuable experience and insight into the world of fraternal governance, LGBTQ+, and DEI matters, while effectively honing my communication skills with attorneys who have mastered their legal passions. Other than pursuing law, I am also passionate about digital media, namely pursuing videography, photography, and illustration.

About the Legal Internship

The semester-long Internship will strategically expose the Intern to various aspects of Tran Arrowsmith’s practice areas, including fraternal governance, campus recognition, judicial hearings, vendor contracts, as well as member misconduct and response. The Intern will also have collaborative opportunities to assist with various litigation matters, including name changes and claims of discrimination in employment, places of public accommodation, housing, and education.

We are thrilled to have Dean as part of our team for the Fall 2021 semester!


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