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At Tran Arrowsmith, we do things differently:​​

  • Inclusion: Effective representation requires not only a strong grasp of the law, but a deep understanding of our clients. At Tran Arrowsmith, we provide culturally competent representation to individuals of all backgrounds and lived experiences. It's why we take a different approach to our practice, including displaying our pronouns, providing education on best practices for queer and transgender clients and employees, and tailoring services to meet the unique needs of our community.

  • Diversity: We believe the legal profession should reflect the diversity of our community, and we are committed to advancing diversity in our profession through our involvement in community organizations and specialty bar associations. That's why we are also intentional about utilizing services offered by people of color and from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the legal community. We also strive to maintain a legal network that reflects the diversity of our clients and that meets all of your legal needs.

  • Agreed-upon pricing: Legal services can be unpredictable and expensive. We know clients hate getting billed by the hour, so we price things differently. We'll agree up front on a scope of work and a price so you'll know how much our work is going to cost before we start. Of course, if hourly pricing is your preference, we can do that too.

  • Health and wellness: At Tran Arrowsmith, we support efforts to address health and wellness within the legal profession. We recognize the importance of making the health and wellness of our employees a priority so that we can always deliver the best results for our clients. We encourage each other to give our health and well-being the same care and attention we give our work. 

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